Who are we?

Beautiful affordable quality houseplants.

We are a small business located in the beautiful town of Pegasus, providing a range of quality houseplants for affordable everyday prices.

What began as a small side business to earn some extra money while becoming a stay-at-home mum has now turned into a passion that we can't wait see to continue to grow! 


Brooke Turner


As a plant and animal lover I've had quite a journey to end up where I am today! As a graduate of Otago university with a Science degree in Zoology and Botany, I've worked across New Zealand in conservation and animal care. I absolutely adore our native birds and plants, hence leading me down a path of my two passions - Bird photography and plant propagation!


 While pregnant, I began growing a range of outdoor flowers to full our garden with at the house we were building. I ended up with way too many so decided to take some down to the local market to sell! That's where this all began! After selling outdoor flowers for a few months, I begun propagating houseplants and added them to my stall. Now 2 years later with an 18 month old; here we are!

I love indoor plants and want to be able to provide a range of affordable beautiful houseplants and cuttings. Along with a surprise with the monthly mystery boxes. I love what I do and am thankful to everyone who has supported me and my family!