Bio Leaf Orchid Food

Bio Leaf Orchid Food

GST Included

Orchid Food - Grow or Bloom

Both come with 2 stock solutions (A & B) to mix together.


Grow - Bio Leaf Orchid Grow 12-2-8 is a 2-part professional formulation that can be used during the plant growth phase to assist with the development of new shoot and leaf growth. Orchid Grow contains 16 essential nutrients in the right proportions to support shoot and leaf growth.

Bloom - Bio Leaf Orchid Bloom has been scientifically designed to meet all the plant’s nutritional requirements. It can be used all year round on all orchids or as part of a split application where two different solutions are used, one for the vegetative phase and the other for the blooming phase. Most orchid growers use Orchid Bloom all year round. It has sufficient nutrients to support leaf and flower development.