Decor Self Watering Pot 170mm Dark Moss

Decor Self Watering Pot 170mm Dark Moss


170mm Dark moss pot.


The Decor Self-watering pots are a simple yet stylish pot with an inbuilt water reserve. Perfect for plants that don't like to fully dry out!


For those who don't like wet feet these pots are still great with a whole lot of drainage and the inbuilt reserve is perfect to act as a drip tray. Just give your plants a water, tip out the excess and the tray will catch any other drips to protect your floor or shelves.


Product Features:
 Self-watering in-built water reserve.
 Plants can take the water they need.
 Stores up to 4 weeks of water (depending on plant).
 Ventilated floor helps aerate root systems.
 Holds 2L of potting mix.
 Matte finish.