Sansevieria Lotus

Sansevieria Lotus


Lotus is a Dwarf type of Sansevieria, also known as Snake Plant or Mothers-in-law Tounge, that doesn't grow taller than 30cm high. Did you know that Sansevieria are one of the best plants for air purification! They are the perfect bedroom plants as during the night other plants produce Carbon Dioxide whereas Sansevieria continue to release oxygen.


The Lotus boasts these beautiful bright yellow boarders to the leaves.


Light - Can grow in low-high indirect light. Keep out of direct light.

Water - Let soil completely dry between watering. Do not overwater!

Size -  Dwarf variety that will grow to roughly 30 cm tall.

Propagation - Pups can be seperated from the base of the plant.


*Plant recieved may differ slightly from pictured. Will be sent in nursery pot.