FAQs & Tips

Shipping Policy

Plants will be couriered by Post Haste on a Tuesday.
Shipping times may vary but aim to be 2-3 days.
All plants will be packaged securely and in damp spagmoss to make sure they arrive in good condition.

Shipping Flat Rates

Local $8.50 - Includes all of Christchurch City. Does not include Rangiora & Rural Canterbury.

Nationwide $10.50

Pick Up

We are located in Kaiapoi. If you are able to, and prefer to pick up your order then select pick up at checkout and come and visit the store during opening hours to pick up your order.


We do all our own propagation off cuttings! They are first soaked in Groconut then placed in trays of spagmoss. These are then kept in a grow tent with heat and lights for a minimum of 4 weeks. Once the cuttings have grown a good root system and are ready to go in soil, they are added to our website shop.


Due to the fragile nature of the cuttings there are strictly no refunds due to change of decision. If you are not satisfied with the plants due to damage upon receiving them, please contact me via the contact form ASAP with photos so we can come to a solution.


The easiest way to kill these plants is by root rot! Avoid keeping the soil mix constantly moist. Instead give the cutting a water when the top inch of the soil is completely dry. It's better to underwater rather then overwater!

Pot Size

When choosing a pot to plant your cutting in, don't select one that is overly big. The reason - the larger the pot, the longer the soil takes to dry out and the risk increases for root rot. The roots don't need a whole lot of room so begin the cutting in a small pot and repot it when the roots begin to grow out of the drainage holes.

Pot Size continued

You want to select a pot that has drainage holes and a tray underneath to catch draining water. Or, use a pot with no drainage holes as a cover pot - plant your cutting into a plastic pot with drainage that fits into your cover pot.

Soil Mix

A well draining mix is needed for the cuttings to be planted into. Select either a succulent/cactus soil mix or make your own. Personally for my houseplants I use a mix of roughly 60% normal potting soil, 20% fine pumice & 20% orchid bark.

Fresh Cuttings

You may receive fresh or partially rooted cuttings as part of a mystery box. Leave these in the spagmoss or follow the instructions on the care card provided - some cuttings root better in water or Leca. When they have roots roughly 5-8cm long and a new growth point, they are ready for soil!


Leca is a potting medium that stands for: Lightweight expanded clay aggregate. Personally I grow a lot of my Hoya plants in it, but it can be great for a whole range of houseplants and to propagate cuttings. Using Leca reduces the risk of root rot and plant pests that usually live in the soil. 

Potting Up Cuttings

When potting up cuttings for the the first time they can go through something called shock! To reduce the risk of this, let your new plants adjust to the climate of your home for a few days (make sure the spagmoss doesn't dry out), then pot them into a well-draining soil. Slightly dampen the soil while potting then leave it to dry out before watering again. 

If you have any other questions please email me via the contact page and I would be happy to help.